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EduAcademia is an amazing school.

Well done, good job guys!

You are the best, having to know that my child is getting brilliant daily through your endless effort with your teaching methods.

You remain as a unique reference for the parents seeking for the best with their children’s learning adventure.

Thank you again.


Mrs Holmes is a kind, loving, and nurturing teacher.

My daughter found her teaching style easy to understand and follow.

She excelled under Mrs Holmes’ guidance and care.

If we ever did have any concerns or enquiries she always had an open door policy, which set our minds at ease.

She is definitely one of the teachers I will forever be grateful for having influenced my daughter’s early school years.

Michelle Fiford

Danielle and Sam have taught both of my children over the years and I would like to compliment their love and dedication towards teaching.

They always made my children feel loved, respected and supported.

They would praise them when they did well but would always inform me when there was a concern, and I respect them immensely for that.

I could not think of two more admirable educators that are committed in every way in offering the very best for their students.

Susan Thomas

It is with great pleasure that I write this recommendation for Miss Smith who played an important role in our children’s Foundation Phase in Primary School!

Miss Smith has always been dedicated to her work and has a unique way of teaching and dealing with the students which is professional and friendly at the same time, in turn making learning fun!

She has amazing organizational skills and always ensured open channels of communication between student and parents.

She always delivered her materials through an engaging and creative manner.

We wish her all the best on her future endeavors and so grateful for the impact she made in our children’s development.

Taryn Fivaz

Mrs Holmes and Miss Smith are two phenomenal teachers, and women, that have a passion for children, and their development.

They both had a very positive impact on my daughter’s foundation phase years.

She still tells me how much she misses both of them.

Carolyn Lanzillotti

My daughter has been to EduAcademia for tutoring and this has helped her to feel much more comfortable with her Maths and Afrikaans.

Mrs. Holmes and Ms. Smith are both very caring and supportive teachers.

My daughter enjoyed her time with them and felt more confident after lessons.